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Discover  African Tribal themes

We are a woman- and African American-owned brand that creates products featuring traditional African designs. Our items are made with high-quality materials that feature the vibrant colors and patterns of African cultures.



Welcome to our vibrant collection, where every purchase brings you closer to the heart of traditional African culture – exploring a world filled with color, pattern, and heritage through art-inspired products crafted with love and respect for these extraordinary traditions.


Kenya and Tanzania

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The Maasai tribe is an iconic African tribe hailing from Kenya and Tanzania. They are known for their distinctive customs, dress, and a deep-rooted cultural heritage. Predominantly pastoralists, the Maasai's vibrant beadwork and colourful clothing, often in red and purple, reflect their close relationship with the natural world. Their art is intricately tied to their social structures, with different colors and patterns symbolizing social status, age, and roles within the community. This bold aesthetic has influenced countless modern fashion and design concepts worldwide.

The Samburu tribe, also from Kenya, are semi-nomadic pastoralists closely related to the Maasai. They are well-known for their distinct cultural practices and their vibrant, bead-encrusted adornments. They use a variety of colors in their beadwork, each representing different elements of their surroundings and experiences, and this is reflected in their products. The Samburu also create stunning traditional fabrics, typically in white with colorful accents, drawing attention to the stark contrast and simple beauty of their artistry.

South Africa

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People of the Southern Ndebele tribe occupy various provinces in South Africa. This tribe incorporates striking colors and rich geometric patterns into their clothing, homes, and decorations. Their unique style is a reflection of their cultural beliefs and can be found anywhere within the tribe. This is most noticeable on Ndebele house painting which is noted for its use of geometric patterns and bright color combinations.

The Zulu tribe, located in South Africa, is known for their rich cultural heritage and their exceptional craftsmanship. Their artistic designs are often reflected in beadwork, pottery, basketry, and sculpture, often depicting historical events and Zulu folklore. Zulu beadwork, in particular, is known for its intricate and geometric patterns, where each color has a specific meaning. These visually striking designs have made a significant impact on the global fashion and design industries.



Diverse product selection

We put authentic African prints on everything from headgear to water bottles, and more. 

Desert in Dark


Celebrating African Culture

At African Collections, we believe in celebrating African culture by incorporating authentic African prints into our products. Our mission is to share the beauty and diversity of Africa with the world through our high-quality and stylish products.

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